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10 Things That Really Stops You To Make Money Online?





What happened? Are you fed up with the process to make money online?

Don’t take me wrong but reality is something different. I’ll purely mention you the real fantasy of making money.
Seriously, don’t feel pressure to become successful in a one day. I do realize that people not accepting the facts that there is no shortcut for making money either online or offline.

There are many people who failed to make money online. No doubt, these are so called people spreads their failure, realize other “Don’t waste your time”.

There are many people who get fascinated towards such Ads, Yeah! “Make money online from home”, “no investment”, kick your present job”, “work part time”.

I must say, it’s not only the reason, the hidden answer that impacts the people mind, “Start earning quickly” a psychology behind a human brain, “Shortcut”.

No intention to discourage anyone. I’ll not hide anything but disclose the facts, what I personally experienced in few months.

Incidents Faced During Starting A Blog.


I’ll clearly disclose those experiences that I release during start a blog. The Big mistake I made I start blogging without any research, it put me down. During 8 months no single person visited my blog.

I kept on thinking why are people not visiting my site?

Then I started visiting top blogging websites, I read those websites, and start focusing those guidelines. It’s real, need hard work and patience, as result, my site traffic increases higher within 3 months. The day I start focusing on my performance to increase my efficiency.

I’ll clearly come to know, why people not able to make money online.


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EXACT REASONS – Not Able To Make Money Online

There are some genuine reasons that stop people for earning huge money online. People create a mistake and stop them from working in a systematic manner on the internet. Yes, these are exact reasons and needs to be overcome in order to make money on the net.

Let Look For Exact Reasons: – Why People Not Able To Make Money Online.




People keep finding shortcuts for earning money then they facing lots of issue during it. If people think that trick work then it’s totally wrong. I mean, show me that place where any shortcut works, then tell me any invention and creation are done in a shortcut, people carries beautiful fantasy in their mind.

If people think to be a doctor, require lots hard work, it then takes a long period to become a perfect doctor. The World is not full of shortcut, even simple things need hard work.

For Example, In childhood, We dream to fly in the sky, dream of big house, expensive cars, travel around the world but when you grow up then situation get different, now people start to realize that dream needs lots of hard work and patience, it’s all our childhood fantasy, get everything in one click.

Another question, why people need experience?

The Great question, the answer would open everyone’s mind. If anyone tries for a multinational company and prepared in mind, “I surely get job”.

Let’s check out the reality.

HR of the company asked you a question, “How much experience you have?

What would be your answer?

Answer. “No”

This question surely kills your heart beat.

Yes, people with high experience don’t find any problem in making money. Inexperienced people need to avoid the following shortcut, to keep a door open for their future.

Many beautiful things come from experience in people life. Get rid of the path of a shortcut. There is no shortcut to stable and secure future, don’t run after shortcut.




Making money on the internet not easy, then it requires serious attention. When you think to make money fast is serious business. People, who make money online, follow them and respect their work, don’t write foolish comments on such status people website. Encourage new beginners, do not try to demoralize their work, feedback their work and think how much effort they put in their work.

Why don’t they think in a positive way, start planning to build a business, it not only generate money but boost you knowledge? The Internet is excellent unlimited resources to earn money. The Internet is not for shortcut business but it’s kind of opportunity for all. I mean, the internet is not just for chat and fun but also for making money online, a serious business. People need to be serious and curious about it.




There are many people born whose great invention appreciated, because of extensive passion behind to change the whole world. ‘Computer’ and ‘internet’ invention does not happen accidentally, but the extensive passion needs behind to reach a goal. Generally, people with great passion do think ‘out of box’.

For example, the great passion and effort behind those people who had changed the countries prosperity such as – America, Europe, India, and Russia.

Again, if you have a passion, you will never give up the hard work. And passion comes from inside. It’s not something that you can purchase or buy. There is great passion behind for every success. Finally, earning money online is not a big task but the interest and passion that attracts you to do.




Today, we all live in modern world, with latest technology and inventions. The knowledge is a base of every success in the recent days. Internet the big platform where people can grow their knowledge, it also provides an opportunity to earn money fast.

Seriously, a people need lots of skill and knowledge to lift up their intelligence level. The Internet is an opportunity for all to earn money but not for those shortcuts earning.

In case, you carry extra skill then there are various opportunities to make money online fast such as blogging, YouTube, as freelancer, content writing, SEO and SEM consultant, graphic and web designers.




When I started blogging never realize that blogging needs consistency, I took break few months that made me lazy, as a new blogger I need hard work, consistency, and patience.

I got to realize when I found my friend earning handsome money online. He opened my eyes just as your parent in the morning, throws water on your eyes to wake up you.

I mean, people in the beginning when they start earning dollars and they stops them working in the middle. Unfortunately, they think their job has been completed. Just wait for more dollars to come automatically into their account.

If you want to earn a huge money then maintain your consistency and performance.




Patience required in every field as well as in online earning. If you are doing any online business keep patience, it can carry you long otherwise, don’t expect too much from yourself.

I myself work 16 hours in a day, as a beginner, now I require more time to spend on research.

The important thing to keep your energy levels high as you were in beginning. Always look others what tactics they are practicing, keep you on a track. Whatever will be the situation maintain the level of patience. Patience really soon show you some glimpse of good results, I mean, patience definitely, works, now you can expect some money in your account.




Many people not able to start their work, reasons they expect other to come and tell them, what to do?. I mean, it will never work for those who expect to make money online. Some people don’t like hard work, depend on other. Unfortunately, it’s not good for their future.

Seriously, if people prepare their mind not to expect from other and find their own way, it surely makes their business run. If you need someone to support you then go for partnership.




Before starting a business you need to set your goal. Some people start their business without goal and planning, then just seeing other business running successfully. For make money online then they need to set their goal for their business. They should aware what things required for online successful business.

If you don’t have any knowledge or idea, “how to do online business?” Search internet where you can get everything, research, and knowledge that requires for your business. In this ways, you can decide your goal.


#9 – Following No Rules


When you start any business, the most important things to do, follow rules. Every business carries rules, I mean, needs to follow given a parameter to run a business.

If I talk about writing blog, I need to follow all Google rules such as quality, unique, and not copied content. Not to use illegal tools or unethical things otherwise don’t force Google to penalize your site. If you are thinking of earning money online follow the Google guidelines.




The Internet is full of unlimited online making money. Generally, people get to engage in more than one thing over the internet. This thing not going to work, engage with more than single things. It can slow down your business, difficult to focus on particular online business.

Today it’s not easy to do online multi-business, technology gets updated or change in a year, need the skill to learn updated version quickly. Never no, but present technology gets soon change. So, focus and concentrate on particular work and give full time. Do things professionally instead of doing unnecessary things, hard work can carry your business on next level.




Don’t look anyone just need to focus on your business. Keep one thing mind, you are the only person who has to do your own business. Believe and confidence can make your business successful. Also, follow all above points and analyze your weak point to rebuild. Then set your goal and word hard to making money, change it into reality. it is kind of business planning services.

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