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10 Useful Tips for Structuring URL Search For Higher Ranking.



Structuring URL


You know about structuring URL search? How important is structuring URL search? Each Page in your website that represented with Structuring URL. It needs to be meaningful, construct URL in a proper manner and search engine friendly. Creating proper and relevant URL called as Structuring of URL. Proper structuring URL is important in SEO as well as for ranking, wrong structuring URL may lead to Low ranking.


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Following Some of The Tips To Make Your Structuring URL Search Engine Friendly:-


   1. Meaningful and easy to read

To make structuring URL readable use meaning words. Also for better results, you replace the abbreviations with proper word. It can be used for company name or keyword, easily readable to visitors and you can target users.


   2. Eliminate Numbers and IDS

Remove Numbers, IDS, special characters, codes from URL. It makes URL non-sensible, non-clickable and non-friendly for readers as well as difficult for search engine.


   3. Canonicalize URLs directing to same content.

You should aware of unwanted structural URL if you try to fool Google using these types of URLs, you definitely going to pay the penalty for it. The URLs with different structures but redirect the users to common or same content. It may create duplication and plagiarism. To avoid this, use canonical tag to be unique and stay safe plus good impression on search engine.


   4. Use of keywords in URL

Avoid keyword stuffing and repeating. Excess use of keywords in the domain name, category, and the web page can harm your website ranking. Be careful and wise with your keyword limit as well.


    5. Balancing URL with the Page Title

We seen in the search engine and social media website, you have noticed the URL appear with respective titles, adding the web page title to the URL, it not only good for SEO, also increase user’s trust to your site.


    6. Eliminate and avoid stop words from URL

Use of stop words such as the, but, of, a, etc. in web page title can be avoided during shortening the URL. It is not important to use these stop words, until and unless it required, better to avoid. If you are using WordPress platform you can use Yoast Seo Plugin, for removing these stop words automatically from permalink.


    7. Limit the Number of Folders

Folders are generally used for categorizes the products and services, using it again and again not seem original, may be irritating and it is not good for SEO. You should limit the folders numbers on the site, be careful, otherwise customers may leave the site.


    8. Use  of  Word Separators

Word Separators used for long tail keyword, product name or page title, inserting between the URL.While making URL, you can use these word Separators. The suggested words separator like hyphen(-) or Underscores(_).


    9. Proper use of redirections

Redirection carries users from one page to another. It’s better to redirect users on your site. It also increases your exposure. In term of  SEO, it is important but in a limit. Too many redirecting may not benefit reader’s trust and ranking as well.


   10. Combine www and non-www URL

The www and non-www version of your domain treated as separately, in search results. It is good to combine these two URLs by setting redirection from one to another.

Hence, these are the 10 important points useful for structuring the URL.

If you have any questions and concerns related Structuring URL. Leave your comment.

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