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What You Meant By The Search Engine?


Search Engine –


Search Engine – is a program or script available over the internet, that searches files and documents for keywords, and then returns these contain keywords in the file as results.


Also, well known how a search engine, an example below:


If any user need book he would go to the nearest bookstore, select one he want, pay for it and go back. But if he buys from the internet, he goes for a favorite search engine, type the words “books”, the search engine will give him all the results, will order a book from choosing a website, it will deliver to user address.


While purchasing over the internet find easy to decide which product you like most. Also, save your time.


How Does Search Engine Work?


With so much of information in billions of pages, need to organize the content and deliver the same to users to make their job easier in finding what they looking for.


The information consists of web pages, images, types of files and other information. Database or web directory data also available. Search engine and human input deliver all required information as result.


Popular search engines contain billions of pages. Many engines not only search the pages but also display the relevant results, depending upon algorithms.


The importance of search engine determined the use of various algorithms. All source of search engine information or data is a crawler or spider, visits pages, and indexes contents automatically.


The collection of data that used for page ranking. The primary method of an engine that uses to determined page order, it means in what order page should be displayed.


Finally, data processed and broken up into many files. Then it transfers to different computers and saved or loaded in systems memory. where it can be accessed while search.


Access To Search Engine

A search engine accessed through the browser on your computer, tablet, smartphone and others device.


Available On the Internet


There are thousands of search engines on the Internet. Then each provides with own features and abilities. The first developed engine as known Archie also used to search for FTP files. The first text-based engine as known Veronica. Recently, the popular and well-known search engine known as Google.

Hence, we able to understand about search engine history.

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