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15 Google SEO Ranking Factors. Let’s Check Out.



Google SEO  Ranking Factors

Seo Ranking Factors– As you created a website, you need to rank your website or web page.  Now, know that Google is using 200 SEO ranking factors to rank website or page. Nobody knows the exact fact behind these 200 factors. The employees of Google company knows, who have developed these algorithms and factors.

These algorithms are implemented by Google to make internet best place for users. Users can easily find a quality site and content.

NOTE – Google never discloses those SEO ranking factors because of many spammers.)


Google never optimize site ranking 100%, but with few factors that applied in – Seo ranking factors.


However, many SEO blogger experts wrote and gave their opinion on factors out of 200 SEO ranking factors. Not only they have done a deep case study on these 15 factors. Now, we have some real idea about few factors.


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 15 Impact Factor Ranking That Can Use To Rank Your Website In Google SERP.


1) Title Main Keywords

When you write a post, the first thing that you needs to do create Title. A title is the essential part of an article. It is also important in term of SEO. The most important thing that Google considers as post catch for SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) is the Title tag.

You must use keywords intelligently in the post Title so that search engine easily catches and recognizes what is a post about, especially Google.


2) Domain Name Keywords

If your domain name does exist primary keyword then chances of higher position in search engines as well as higher domain authority. Keywords in domain name function are searching for relevant web pages on the website quickly, with help of search engine’s crawlers. While searching for domain name needs to search for high-quality keywords.


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3) Domain Name Age

In SEO, as your domain name age increases, the value increases. The more aged your domain name gets better. For example, if your domain name age is 4 year then chances become higher for better search engine ranking as compare to less year domain name.


4) Keywords in H1 & H2 Tags


Yes, H1 and H2 the main tags that boost your search engine ranking. If you include these headings tags in keywords (Title, in article 2 heading) it definitely, increase change to rank your website. Avoid too much use of headings.


5) Length of Content

We know Google is hungry for huge quality content. The length in an article could change your whole ranking. The more lengthy the article, more traffic grow on your website. An article with 2000 words is six times better than 500 words an article. 2000 words articles chances as ranking and higher than 500 words articles. So, I recommend, the use of article at least thousand words is sufficient.


6) Keyword Density

Keyword density is the number of keywords that used in the post or an article. You need to keep keywords perfectly in your article, not unnecessary. The maximum limit of keywords in an article is 3% or in proportion 3:100, it means, in 500 words article 15 keywords is used in an article. Remember use keywords wisely and not more than 3%, and 1% or 2% is much better and chances become higher in term of ranking.

Remember use keywords wisely and not more than 3%, and 1% or 2% is much better and chances become higher in term of Google ranking in SERP. If you find problems in checking keywords density manually, then there are different online tools available.


7) Update Content

When your website content gets old and also keep content alive for long. But, today time is different, technology or other things on websites keep changing on latest trends. In this dynamic world, you need to update your content every time the change in technology. Fresh content always works much better than old one. Just make habit as every generation required a latest trendy article.


8) Videos and Image in Article

A few years back, text-based content that easily ranks up the website on Google, but things has been changed a lot. Recently, an article is not the only way to rank a site, but you can use media and videos to your article. Videos and media are used in order to maintain the position in Google search engine. Remember don’t use too many videos and images in your post. These also help in order to bring web traffic to your sites.


9) Website Speed And Mobile Friendly

Many people website face speed problems, sometimes users get diverts to another website. If your website takes more than 2 sec in loading or opening, then website traffic would freeze. Secondly, if your website is not mobile friendly then your traffic and ranking will completely affect.

To avoid all these issues, speed up your website and make it mobile friendly. So, you can use good hosting like – BlueHost and HostGator, also use a plugin for more speed. Now, speed up your website loading and with help of developer you can make your website mobile friendly. People find easy to access your website on any device.


10) Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) this term that not came from Google but Moz gave this term. Earlier, Google Ranking or Page Rank that been used to improve the website rank. But, today, Domain Authority had been main keys for any website. If you want higher DA then you need to build backlinks with the higher Domain Authority websites. If you able to make your DA rank higher than 40 or 50 then your website stands under the categories of best websites.


11) W3 Validation

According to w3 consortium, if HTML/CSS and JavaScript get valid then it’ll advantage for you. Always check your website code validation, it’s validated or not.


12)  Check SiteMap

The Sitemap is the map of websites, it is one of the important factors for website ranking. Google search engine’s crawlers crawl entire map of the website. Just to finds those relevant web pages to index in the database.


13) Penguin Check Backlinks

Penguin is Google algorithms introduced to catch up unwanted and spammy backlinks, While creating backlinks you needs to be careful because it can drop down your ranking or Google could punish you. Therefore, create natural backlinks, penguin safe, and relevant backlinks. Unnatural and irrelevant backlinks generally, consider as negative backlinks.


14) Not Use Duplicate Content

You must need to avoid duplicate content on your website. Never copy same content from other sites. If you want to rank high on SERP then use 100% pure content for your site. Each and every page of websites requires unique content, no duplicate copy content. Google algorithms introduced to catch up duplicate content. In case, Google finds such issues, it would never leave you. There are tools available for duplicate content.


15) Social Media Importance

Social Media is essential for any website, especially, in term of SEO Google. Everyone knows social media importance, it really works. You can use it for website promotion, people shares, like and comments on your website. So, create unique and useful content to increase social shares, also boost traffic. High social comments, really attract more visitors, also rank up your blog post fast. Social Media is a social place where you finds ready-made readers.


Final Words: 

SEO essential for sites and it’s utility increasing more than ever. If you have any questions and suggestions related Seo ranking factors. Leave your comments and share on Twitter and Facebook.


Google SEO Ranking Factors in 2017(Infographic)

Google SEO Ranking Factors


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