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12 SEO Keyword Research Tools in 2017.


Best SEO Keyword Research Tools


Keyword Research Tools – To find keyword for the SEOs, plenty of free tools are available. What needs to do? Just to insert desired keyword to then get relevant and filtered suggestions keyword. It means suggestion will then generate automatically, after keyword insert. You also get short tail keywords as well as long tail keywords (Keywords or Phrases).

If you not aware of such tools then we would explain you the details of SEO Keyword Research. We would explain how tools would generate useful suggestions while searching for perfect keyword.

To SEO Keyword Tools in 2017


#1. Google Keyword Planner


Google Keyword Planner most useful, appropriate and then result-oriented Google keyword research tools. It is used every part of the world. Many bloggers or websites owners depend upon this tool. If I m right then almost 60 to 80 percentage of bloggers or website owners use of Google Keyword Planner just to find suitable list of keywords.

Another important point it is free of cost. This tool is present inside Google Adwords, for that you required email account then to get access to this tool. There are also other tools available on Google Adwords. Again come to the points, the function of this tool is then to find out desires list of keywords and phrases. I mean, it provides list of long tail and short tail keywords on global basis. Also, every keywords and phrase showed along with price in Google Keyword Planner, each keyword price according to quality and popularity.


#2. WebTextTool


This tool is extremely good enough then to cover SEO requirement. It also saves lots of time of SEO and easy to use. It’s then completely good for on-page SEO and Keyword research. I must say, this tool very effective in 2016, then keep continuing its popularity. Top features available for you for free. It also provides complete paid version which could complete whole SEO requirement. Generally, it uses for large business.

 Some Features of Keyword tool for free:


  • 10 keywords limit suggestions(per month)
  • One page optimization (every month)
  • Page optimization Analysis or calculation.
  • Single project can be created for free




As I told that Keyword Planner and WebTextTool is good enough then for keyword research. Many of them not able to buy paid version as per for their requirement. So, if you searching for another tool, then go for more advanced keyword research If you need deep keyword research then go for this free tool. This tool has ability to show you sufficient keywords suggestion as then given keyword. The tool then shows suggested keywords from,,,,, and more. So, you can pick keyword or phrase according to your content need.




Another option to have more keywords ideas none other than, it gives sufficient 750+ free keywords suggestion after entering keyword in the tool. You can select language as well as specific country on Google engine in order to find more relevant and filter keywords. Definitely, including trending keywords for your blog.


#5. KeywordEye

Another Google UK KeywordEye tool developed by UK team, so, if anyone from America using this tool, then he needs to change it to Google US. The great options for every country, just then need to select countries (language) you belong.

This tool carries 100 keywords limit for free version, so using this you could find relevant keywords.


#5. KeywordSpy

There are several tool features available for free version. But one best feature is Domain spy tool, entire domain and you will get accurate data such as who their competitors, how money they spend in particular keywords and shows they spend in paid search. You can then use it for free trail for days or month.


#6. SEMRush

This is wonderful tool if you need keyword in plenty then SEMRush tool is the better option. This tool provides enough keywords list for free. One important feature in SEMRush provides number of results in Google while search. It shows, how big competition for keyword then representing in numbers.


#7. SpyFu Tool


This tool is better option for users, it provides features such as Keyword research, SEO research, PPC research and about backlinks.


#8. Long Tail Pro (Premium)


Here the most powerful keyword research tool. This premium keyword research tools is then for long tail keyword. Then long tail keyword that could not possible in Google Keyword Planner.

Long tail pro that then provides you 800 keywords limit per keyword entered. But good trick to find relevant keywords or filter the keywords by reuse until you not able to get exact keyword. You can then search keywords according countries as given option.


#9. UberSuggestn(Free)


Ubersuggest is kind of basic keyword tool that provides you desirable keyword then by entering particular keyword. It is just like a Google tool. This tool also access lots of long tails keywords that can be used in your blog. Also, this could provide you lots of blog post ideas that can grow your creativity.


#10. KWFinder (Freemium)


KWfinder is really great tool that anyone can like it. This keyword research tools absolutely works better like other good tools, also has this for free version.

Then you just need to enter seed keywords and select country along with language you want to target.

It provides you long tail keywords with less competition then find easier to rank your site.

KWfinder graph feature that shows the popularity of long tail keyword. Additionally, it shows top sites in term of ranking as given term along with social metrics.


#11. Jaaxy


This Jaaxy tool is new for keyword research. It’s nothing to do with Google Keyword Planner. You just need to enter seed keywords to Jaaxy then you find relevant and filter keywords. You can then find high quality gems keywords or long tails keywords with this tool that no other can give you. Jaaxy is premium tool but you use its free version. It provides keyword research feature that gives unique results.


#12. Keyword Revealer (Freemium)


This keyword research tools is wonderful and fancy. It works so fast that in one click you can get filter result after entering seed keyword. It gets feature that provides you perfect keyword ideas. Another feature, it indicates keywords is worth ranking or not. Keyword revealer also provides keywords for CPC potential earning estimate.


Final Word: Why you need keyword research for your growth?


For finding premium is not only the solution then to grow your ranking. How to do keyword research and use keyword to grow your ranking? You need to use keyword strategies then to boost or grow traffic. Many top tools for keyword research free shows list of keywords but are worthy boost a traffic. Some keywords that really perform good and bring traffic to your site.

I hope these keyword tools could really solve your keyword research tools problem.

If you have any issue. Leave your comments.

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